1. Mom's Cum Tribute III

    Date: 12/14/2019, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Masturbation / Toys Author: NKL13, Source: sexstories.com

    A couple of days went by before my mom, and I had another opportunity for another tribute session. I was in my room when mom came in; her arms were behind her back.
    “Are you busy sweetie? Do you have time for another cum tribute?”
    I gave her a smile which said, ‘I am always ready.’
    “Good, I have something I would like to try out, maybe make your tribute even better.” She gave me a naughty smile before revealing what she had behind her back.
    She had a bag in one hand and her smartphone in the other. My mom placed the bag down on my bed, then she tapped away at her phone, my tablet buzzed, so I knew she just sent me another photo that she wanted me to cover in my cum. Seductively she wiggled a finger at me, motioning me to come over to her. I grabbed my tablet, stood up and made my way over to her.
    Gently she took the tablet from my hand and placed it on my bed.
    “I will tell you when to look at the photo. I wanted to show you this first.” She handed me her smartphone and pointed at an app I had never seen before.
    “Go on honey, open it.”
    I tapped it up, and I saw some odd controls on it. I looked at her with a quizzical expression on my face.
    “I thought you would like to play with this while giving another hot tribute to that naughty mom. You see sweetie, I get turned on and jealous watching you give that hot mom those cum tributes that she rightfully deserves. How can any teenage boy resist such a hot, slutty mother who poses in such a cock teasing photos? This app controls a little sex toy I have in my pussy. This makes it vibrate at different speeds and intensities. I was hoping you would use this to make me an orgasm while giving her a cum tribute.”
    It hit me what my mom wanted me to do, instantly making my cock fully erect. I was a bit confused if I was holding her phone and playing with the app how would I jerk off to a photo.
    “Mom, I would love to play with this but how am I going to use this and jerk off at the same time?”
    She gave me one of her naughty smiles, “I thought you would ask, open the bag.”
    I grabbed the bag and pulled out a box; it said Fleshlight on it.
    “Open it, honey.”
    I opened the box, taking it out, it had a vagina on one end and flashlight looking handle on the other. Then it hit me what it was; it was for masturbating, it was a vibrating, simulating pussy.
    “Mom, how am I going to use this and the phone?”
    “Well sweetie, if you do not mind, I will use the Fleshlight on your hard cock while you play with the phone looking at the photo of that cock teasing slutty mother. Is that ok with you? I know how much you like to stroke your hard cock to her photos and cum all over them. I know I did it once for you, but I did not know if you would like for me to do it again?”
    I gave her a huge smile. “Oh hell yes, mom! I do not mind at all. Can I look at the photo now?”
    “Oh, so you want to see that hot mom already? You are very anxious to give her a cum tribute. First, you need to ...