1. Mistress Cruel Love - Chapter 4 - Mein Herrin! I Can Dance!

    Date: 12/16/2019, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Authoritarian BDSM Black, Consensual Sex Discipline, Voyeur / Exhibitionism Hardcore, Humiliation Interracial Masturbation / Toys Oral Sex / Blowjob Pegging, Plumper, Non-consensual Sex Slavery, Spanking Group Sex Trans Author: [James Bondage], Source: sexstories.com

    Club Ishtar was jumping and so were Heather's bulbous curves. Her pudgy arms and thick thighs jiggled as she exited the bathroom and strode down the hallway back to the main room where the party was in full swing. The red satin of her dress stretched around her plump body as she strutted her stuff. Her confidence had been building steadily for months, but she'd never felt better about being a large and in charge female dominant since stepping into this Femdom wonderland.
    As the corridor opened to the massive dance hall, she was assaulted by a swirl of colors and the thrum of pounding dance beats. She drank it all in, looking up at the caged, gyrating sissies and across the expanse of tables surrounding the dance floor. Heather's party had arrived not long ago. It was their first visit and there was still so much to see.
    The thrill of handing Darius off to a woman Heather didn't know caught her by surprise. A rush of intense arousal had surged through her body when she commanded him to accompany and obey Ms. Carruthers until she returned. The relief Heather found in the bathroom was more than just the emptying of her bladder. However, there was some nagging concern for her boyfriend echoing in the back of her mind as she started off in the direction of Deborah's table.
    Heather didn't get far before two older men entered her path on hands and knees. They crawled into view wearing nothing but latex thong underwear, rubber gimp hoods, leather horse bits fixed around their gagged mouths and metal blinders attached to their heads. They could see nothing but what was directly in front of them. Their old man titties drooped under their chests, held down by attached weights as they shuffled forward. Their leashes led to a singular figure, behind them, and soon a familiar face walked into view.
    “Beatrice!” Heather exclaimed, stopping the old matron in her tracks.
    She looked somewhat different from their first meeting at Queen Shit, but it was definitely her. Beatrice had dyed her hair from white to blonde and was decked out in full Dominatrix regalia. A long, shiny, black leather coat hung around her short, thin frame. The thick fetish garment covered all but her front. For an older woman she was in surprisingly great shape. She clearly enjoyed showing off her body at the club. Under the coat, Beatrice wore nothing but a leather brassiere, latex panties and knee-high leather boots. She followed the two aging submissives with a stern grip on their metal leashes.
    As soon as Heather spoke, Beatrice's head turned and her face lit up in pleasant surprise. “Heather! You made it! I'm so glad!”
    Heather rushed to her side and the two shared a tender hug. They'd been in contact by phone and email for a while, but this was the first time they'd seen each other since their fateful encounter at the sex shop.
    “How do you like the club?”
    “It's AMAZING! Thank you so much for inviting us! We just got here, so I was about to take a tour.”
    “It ...