1. Savour Me Pt. 01

    4/26/2024: This is the diary of a lesbian madam. It is quite obviously not a love story. I dare say it is possible to live a lifestyle like mine and be in love at the same time, but it would take very open minds. That's not my situation. I am not in love with another person. In fact, I haven't yet found that kind of love - I have to admit that to myself. It's not an unusual situation; many people never find read Sex Story
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    4/26/2024: .They are a very attractive couple, with what appears to be all over sun tans. Peter is blond, tall and slim while Janet exudes sex appeal. A slim, tallish brunette wearing a short above the knee skirt with a slit up one side and a silk blouse showing lots of cleavage, obviously without a bra as I note her erect nipples, set off by stiletto heels. I love being sexually pleasured by a third read Sex Story
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  3. What Happens In The Woods...

    4/25/2024: Ted was my best friend and we went everywhere together and did everything together. I had moved into the area from another state where homes were far apart and friends were left at school. We were both in our early teens and our house had a game room with a pool table and a ping-pong table which Ted wowed over the first time I invited him over. I had just learned to ride a bicycle since the high speed rural roads in my other state made it too dangerous and ted and I explored ceaselessly. That exploration eventually encompassed sexuality and I was one up on him since my dad received Playboy mag read Sex Story
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  4. Taken by Lesbian Warlord: The Helga Chronicles

    4/25/2024: Taken By Lesbian Warlord Chapter 1 Iona sat in the corner of the felt tent, trying to be as quiet and inconspicuous as possible. The men of the steppe, clad in their supple leathers and luxurious furs, had sternly and forcefully directed her to stay sat, and stay silent. She'd heard stories about what would befall her she was ever captured by steppe tribe, and what horrors to expect. Her read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Authoritarian BDSM Bisexual Blackmail, Non-consensual Sex Rape / Violence / Cruelty Discipline, Straight Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Lesbian Humiliation Oral Sex / Blowjob Slavery, Spanking Stockholm Syndrome, Masturbation / Toys Author: Alex Waters, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Broken

    4/25/2024: I had her strung up by her hands, the tips of her feet just barley touching the ground. I frowned. She hadn’t woken yet and I was becoming impatient. I didn’t want to do anything until she was awake, it would be much more fun that way. I took a walk around the dark cellar that I had prepared for her, taking in her body. I had not cut away any of her cloths and she was still drop dead gorgeous read Sex Story
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  6. The sexual adventures of Lacey and Ricky - Chapter 7

    4/25/2024: Please read chapters 1 to 6 first. Chapter 7: Lacey back home has a run-in with her brother Lacey and her parents arrived back home from visiting uncle Steve in California. She could never tell Ricky about what she and her uncle had been up to. He was so much older than she, plus he was her uncle, for heaven's sake! It might creep him out. But one part of her was dying to talk about her read Sex Story
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  7. The Hand Jobs

    4/24/2024: THE HAND JOBS Roni and I were young—thirty years old, maybe—when we visited friends and went skinny dipping in their pool. It wasn’t the first time we’d all been naked together, the ice breaker happened years before when we stripped off at the beach one night after dark. None of us were afraid to bare it all and everyone loved the feeling of swimming nude, so those nighttime pool parties had become something of an infrequent ritual. With their k**s in bed, the yard dark enough for the neighbors not to see, once again, we ended up losing our suits. After almost two hours in the pool, we had read Sex Story
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  8. Futa Naked In School 08 - Naughty Futa Bake Sale 1: Leann's Big Futa Mistake

    4/23/2024: Futa Naked In School – Naughty Futa Bake Sale Chapter One: Leann's Big Futa Mistake By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Ji-Min Song's Week, Friday After a week of going naked at my college, I was relaxed. It was the first week back from Spring Break, and I had a great time being enrolled in the Program for the last five days. It had opened my eyes to my sexuality. I had learned so much read Sex Story
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  9. Training my new slut fucktoy part 5 Dinner

    4/23/2024: Dinner Once again in the shower Victoria is on her knees, cleaning my balls and cock lovingly caressing it followed by the rest of my body. I leave the shower and dry off but this time leave the room and my sweet little fucktoy to finish cleaning herself. Once she is finished she asks,Is there something my Master would like me to wear tonight? I smiled and said please pick out a nice sundress I read Sex Story
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  10. My VIRGIN Highschool Sweetheart

    4/23/2024: She did not notice me since she stuck around kids in her classes and those from the same culture. I unfortunately was not in her classes. Then I found that she joined a school club so that was my opportunity! Graduation Ball By now we have been spending a lot time together and sometime spending hours on the phone, you know lovers do. From the multiple invitations, I was so happy that she read Sex Story
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