1. Naruto Gals!!!! - Hinata and Boruto! - Replacing Hokage for Mom!

    4/13/2024: Hyuuga Hinata. This is her 17th Anniversary of her marriage with Naruto. The love of her life, and the Lord Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village. The Seventh he is. She has prepared the best dinner for the night. Boruto and Himawari even helped in preparing the dishes, as they know that today is a special day for both of their parents. Hinata is so excited. Secretly, she also has prepared something read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Asian, Body Modification, Cheating Incest / Taboo Wife / MILF Author: NerdyAngel, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Nerd son and Mom

    4/13/2024: Nerd son & Mom A Mom and her Nerdy son, a four-part story of becoming a cum slut. Janet Bigs was a 38-year-old widow, she had red hair, a set of 38E tits an ass she kept tight by working out three days a week. Janet was a MILF. Her son Wally was a small boy for his age but being a sophomore in high school he had several years yet to grow. Wally was he class brain, so kids were always asking read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Group Sex Wife / MILF Author: biggoxx, Source: sexstories.com
  3. Cocklust Ch. 21

    4/13/2024: When I logged on to my computer, I found my naked pictures were gone—at least from where Johan had posted them. In fact, as far as I could tell, Johan’s alias had disappeared from the site. My DMCA complaint seemed to have worked: Johan must’ve gotten s read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Author: briacon429, Source: LushStories
  4. My Ring Pt. 03

    4/13/2024: Disclaimer: all characters appearing in this story are fictional and are 18 or older. Denise couldn't help but smile while she was looking down into Larry's eyes. He still had his tongue buried inside her pussy and his head tight between her thighs. It felt so good to be the focus of the pleasure. Their sex had been so vanilla, he would only go down on her on special occasions and usually it read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Author: byLittlestSissy, Source: Literotica
  5. Bottom Boi Ep. 01

    4/13/2024: ##Just read the tags before starting to read. In the morning, I wake up next to my girlfriend, Natalie, and slowly sit on the bed, being sure not to wake her. I still can't believe that she is mine. I look at her and smile. Her chest rises and falls slowly as I drag my gaze across her, the sheet draped low across her hip with one leg kicked free. She looks so peaceful, her long, wavy hair read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Author: byamenarimix, Source: Literotica
  6. My Husband Works Nights

    4/13/2024: My Husband Works Nights My hair would tug while the comb finished reaching the tips of my hair while I finished up brushing it for the night. I put the brush down and leaned out the bathroom to the living room where my husband was drinking some coffee before he would head off to work. “Have a great night honey,’ I said to him while walking over to the recliner across from him. His eyes read Sex Story
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  7. Pegged by Married MILF from Church

    4/13/2024: *Though this story contains no actual guy/guy action, it is mentioned. All individuals are involved are over the age of 18. Story contains mild blasphemy* "Been a couple weeks," the extremely attractive woman sitting across from me said. She was quietly nibbling on a slice of cherry pie. I for my part was doing the same with a piece of pumpkin pie. "Yes it has," I said. Truth be told, I had read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: bySecretHornySissy, Source: Literotica
  8. Fuck me daddy

    4/13/2024: So I was around the age of 24 when I started dating Jayne who was around 20. She was my brothers next door neighbour who had asked my brother many times to “put in a good word for her” as she really liked me but I was seeing a long term girlfriend at the time. The long term relationship was fizzling out and as it was quite a distance relationship I took advantage and asked Jayne out for a no strings drink. She jumped at the chance. The usual few drinks followed by some food and a few more drinks led to the inevitable pairing off back at my apartment. Now Jayne was nowhere near as good looking read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Fetish Anal Author: steeeviej, Source: xHamster
  9. Real Friendship is Found

    4/13/2024: This is going to be a follow up essay to my prior post, "A Trip to a Crowded Bar" The thing you need to know is that I am a submissive to a male master and I will be talking about Diane who is a female submissive to a female mistress. Prior to a recent event that both of us attended we had only seen each other and never spoken. The recent event is where we both had our asses totally worked over read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Romance / Love Stories Author: sundownerboatfish, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Watching Chloe

    4/13/2024: Chloe sat at her desk in her social studies classroom. It was the last class of her day, and although Chloe was trying to pay attention to what the teacher was saying, she was having trouble concentrating. This was unusual for Chloe, who was normally a good student. She was on the honor roll, and wasn't ashamed to admit her intelligence. Far from a quiet, nerdy type, Chloe, was 5'8" and 140 pounds with a slim, athletic build. She had long legs, curvy hips, and a fully womanly figure, with low-C cup breasts, and blonde hair worn short in a 'pixie cut.' She wasn't so popular with boys, but it h read Sex Story
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