1. The Shopping Spree Pt. 06

    11/30/2023: Author's note: The story thus far: On a cold Thanksgiving Eve, under the direction of Jim, Soma is being passed from man to man on a sensual shopping spree. Before handing him off to the first man, Jim made Soma insert a remote controlled vibrating butt plug. Each one has taken him to a different store and bought him an item of women's clothing which he has to wear for the duration of the read Sex Story
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  2. Brothers Love Ch 3

    11/30/2023: Ian squeezed his eyes shut and let Silas pulse inside his mouth, thrusting at his own pace. His hands remained behind his back, but only because Silas had tied them there. “You feel so good,” Silas whispered. But he reluctantly pulled out, letting his bobbing member hang, itching for more attention. “What now?” Ian asked, his voice hoarse. “You’re getting better at your breathing control, read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal BDSM Gay Incest / Taboo Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: NaomiWeiss, Source: sexstories.com
  3. Deep Fire

    11/29/2023: The afternoon wind passed through the crowded street. The commercial district was packed with men in sweaty dress shirts and black suits - men of all ages leaving their jobs, talking loudly. Young men with huge egos and shiny shoes, and old men with dirty smiles and robust bellies. The most powerful men were usually larger, with broad shoulders and solid necks. Their hands were big and warm, read Sex Story
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  4. Sex on Premises Pt. 03

    11/29/2023: 'C'mon, let's find ourselves a room' Don said. I reluctantly peeled myself off his warm and sticky body. I was a little unsteady after the fucking I'd just had and needed to hold his arm as I got oriented to the rest of the darkness. Don led the way back we came in - towards the light, and past the first room which had a sling affixed to the ceiling. I snuck a peak - there was an older guy in read Sex Story
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  5. My Life as a Gay High School Doggy Fuck-Bitch part 4 Inseminate me more…

    11/29/2023: My Life as a Gay High School Doggy Fuck-Bitch, part 4; inseminate me more… Kings jazzing penis and gigantic knot was calming down, its harsh destruction of my womb and prostate finally subsiding. But the ache of shooting off dozens of times along with the uncontrolled grasping constrictions of my asshole from my orgasm, coupled with the agonies the heavy mass contained within my lower bowels read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Bestiality, Extreme, Gay Incest / Taboo Author: Bellerophon69, Source: sexstories.com
  6. First Gay anal experience, true

    11/28/2023: The guy was in excellent health at 70 and horny as hell, muscular, very verbal too. Let me describe how I got to this point: I was very curious, I met him in a local chatroom and I asked him to my house to enjoy a glass of wine and a hot tub while my girl was visiting family. Our initial discussion online was for him to teach me how to be "used" by a gay guy for their sexual pleasure, a fantasy thought of mine. I asked no kissing. I was standing out front when he arrived and I greeted him with a handshake, a very nice man, Frankly, I didnt care what he looked like, but he was a pleasant lo read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Gay First Time Author: watweruthinkin, Source: xHamster
  7. The House Boy Ch. 12

    11/27/2023: Steven would admit that he started the second half of his first year at university in a far better place than he'd started his first semester. He was feeling far more confident in himself and where he was in life. He'd aced all his classes, so his schooling was going even better than he'd expected. But it was his personal life that still left him scratching his head at times. Not one but two, read Sex Story
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  8. My First Time Pt. 02

    11/27/2023: Now would be a good time to describe John. He was a little taller than me, 6 feet or so. He was thin. Not skinny, just thin. You could tell he worked out. Not to get muscular, but just to keep in shape. He was about 20 years older than me(so mid 40s). He had short salt and pepper hair. He was usually clean shaven but once and a while you'd catch him with stubble. But now I could see the rest. He read Sex Story
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  9. Manhandled

    11/26/2023: Manhandled Troy's side: Steve sat there looking smug. I don't know why I'm even friends with him. He's competitive and selfish and always has to get his own way. Today was no different - he wanted to watch a basketball game even though I came over specifically to watch a football game. But it was his house, his TV, and he had the remote. Inside I stewed in silence vowing to make a clean break read Sex Story
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  10. Turning the Teacher

    11/26/2023: Turning the Teacher Thanks to "Dougslair" for editing. "Alright class, that will do for the day." I said and closed my text book. I looked out at my class who were already picking up their bags and ready to shoot out. I had been working at St. Harry's school for a few years and I loved my job. I only taught the last school year, they were all 18 year olds and I loved that I was helping read Sex Story
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