1. My best friend's mum

    11/30/2023: I'd known this woman all my life and apart from when I was a teenager -and couldn't stop staring at her tits- I never thought about her sexually. To give you an idea, she looks like a mix between the head of Cassidy Exe and the body of Anastasia Lux. It was my best friend's 30th so we went out for drinks, a lot of his family and friends. It had got quite late and most people had gone home. The bar was getting quiet and his mum came over to talk to me. We had a little chat about life and how it's going with my gf. I told her fine but I'd like it if she set me up with one of her friends as I p read Sex Story
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    11/28/2023: ANY ONE WHO R INTERESTED TO FUCK MY WIFE CONTACT MY FB I first realized that I liked sharing my wife, when she told me about how she used to get groped in buses before our marriage. My cock grew rock hard as I listened to her talk about how men massaged her flesh, squeezed and fondled, and sometimes pinched her. I imagined her standing in a crowded bus surrounded by horny men, trying their best to extract pleasure from her body by rubbing themselves against her read Sex Story
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  3. Hello Mrs Thompson

    11/28/2023: Forty-four-year-old Marie Thompson was in a pub on a girls night out with three fellow teachers from the local high school. It was a quite nice pub but one that Marie had not been in for some time. The four women got a seat and then, having ascertained wh read Sex Story
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  4. All Fucking In My Family

    11/27/2023: I am Bavi, age 26 years married with three c***dren. My husband, Ashok, 45 years is a drunkard. He is the only c***d of very rich family while I came from an economically poor family, so when a proposal came from them for my hand in marriage, it was promptly agreed to without checking to see the habits of Ashok. The only redeeming factors were that my husband was not a violent man and that my parents-in-law were very kind to me. In fact on my father-in-law’s in read Sex Story
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  5. Cold Cases and Hot Nights

    11/27/2023: No cop ever really forgets any case he's worked. He or she may remember more details about some than others, but they're all still there, locked away in memory. They even remember the traffic stops they made as rookie patrol officers. Some cases get filed in memory because they're hilarious, like the woman I pulled over for driving erratically my first night alone in a patrol car. When I turned read Sex Story
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  6. An Unexpected School Reunion Ch. 02

    11/27/2023: Hi, if you haven't already done so, please read Chapter 1, that's where this all begins. Hope you enjoy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I awoke the following morning with my mind in a whirl. The previous day, I'd revisited my old school with work, met my old science teacher and been subtly dominated by her. To the point where I'd ended up on my knees in front of her as she came all read Sex Story
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  7. Max and Jean Pt. 03

    11/26/2023: Hi, there are 2 Chapters previous to this, so please start there if you'd like some background to things. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I didn't see Jean for a few days after we'd fucked over the bonnet of my car. She'd messaged to say how much she'd enjoyed it and that she'd thought about the whole day lots at night after crawling into bed. Using the images in her head to get herself read Sex Story
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    11/26/2023: SCOOTER PIE Charlie had just showered and dressed at the country club after a Saturday afternoon round of golf with his buddies Karl, Duke and Willy. Normally they would tip a few in the club lounge after playing eighteen holes but this day was a little different. It was Karl’s fortieth birthday and he had just recently separated from his second wife so the guys decided that on this day the read Sex Story
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  9. The Neighbour's Mother - Part 2

    11/26/2023: Janice James was delighted that her daughter Sally, with whom she was staying, was needed at work, although she had to pretend that she was not. The reason that sixty-three-year-old Janice was delighted was that she could again have sex with the thirty-ei read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Author: PJH, Source: LushStories
  10. Part Three - Dot Is Confused

    11/26/2023: When I woke, my dick was stiff, but there was nowhere to put it other than in my hand. Dot wasn't in bed. I found Dot sitting at the dining table. She had a bowl of cereal in front of her, but she was playing with it, not eating. "Morning, Dot." I kissed read Sex Story
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