1. You Never Forget Your First Blowjob

    12/1/2023: Rites of passage are funny things; by definition, almost everyone has them. And they're trivial - your first relationship, your first breakup, the first time you take a bold fashion risk which really doesn't pay off. But they're yours, and as such they feel unique. Like you're feeling something that's never been felt before, discovering a part of life hitherto uncharted. Entering a bold new read Sex Story
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  2. Wife learns that many BBC heads are better than on

    11/30/2023: “I can’t believe you were doing that! What in the fuck were you thinking?” I was standing in the front yard screaming at my boyfriend, Rob. We were at a party with his basketball buddies, at the house of one of the guys. We had been out on the patio by the pool having drinks and talking; having a really nice time. Rob had excused himself to use the restroom, but when he hadn’t returned after 15 minutes I started to worry, so I went to check. That’s when I walked into the master bedroom and found Rob kissing Suzanne, one of the girls that was always hanging around the team. I stormed out to th read Sex Story
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  3. College Virgin Impaled For First Time

    11/29/2023: Hey, this is a story from my college days about my old friend James, hope you enjoy. Any feedback in comments appreciated. X He had insomnia. That meant we spent a lot of time together because I'm a night owl. During the first few weeks of college it seemed like it was getting worse, he was normally so sweet and kind but he had gotten erratic and snappy. So they upped his medication, and it read Sex Story
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  4. I Should Be So Lucky Pt 3

    11/29/2023: We let go of each other. "Right girls its bedtime I think” Christine announced. “Okay Auntie but” "But what?“ ”Can we take these with us" Katie held up the vibrators. "No ! Not at all take these instead" Christine reached into her large handbag and brought out two oblong packages wrapped in greetings paper. "Sorry Girls.With all the fun I'd forgot about your pressies". I'd heard from your Mam that you're birthday present was going to be a fuck off Sparky and she'd already told me she'd given you experience of a vibe girls and you so liked ! So unwrap and enjoy girls goodnight !“ ”Night Spa read Sex Story
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  5. Change of heart – Steve’s first Date (S2)

    11/29/2023: I recommend that everyone who wants to read this story, should read ‘sweet revenge and maybe a bit more’. For these that just want to read THIS story, here is a very short summery of things that happened so far. Steve’s parents left him and his step-sister, Jenny, for two weeks. Jenny tried to blackmail her brother but he looked right through her. Instead of being forced into submission he read Sex Story
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  6. First Gay anal experience, true

    11/28/2023: The guy was in excellent health at 70 and horny as hell, muscular, very verbal too. Let me describe how I got to this point: I was very curious, I met him in a local chatroom and I asked him to my house to enjoy a glass of wine and a hot tub while my girl was visiting family. Our initial discussion online was for him to teach me how to be "used" by a gay guy for their sexual pleasure, a fantasy thought of mine. I asked no kissing. I was standing out front when he arrived and I greeted him with a handshake, a very nice man, Frankly, I didnt care what he looked like, but he was a pleasant lo read Sex Story
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  7. Fucking Innocent Virgin Collegue Ch. 01

    11/28/2023: Hi friends. I am Rakesh from Hyderabad. I actually belong to Mangalore. But I am working in Hyderabad. Even my mom and dad are also here now. Let's start the story. The heroine of the story is my office colleague. Her name is Sadhana (name changed). We both joined for the job together and hence we became good friends. Coming to her stats, she is so pretty and an innocent hottie with a figure of read Sex Story
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  8. SUCK IT and SEE 2

    11/28/2023: So the day passed slowly, but finally it was time to go to Sarah,s North London home where she lived with her parents and grandmother. She Didn,t want her works colleagues to know we were an item so I waited till five minutes After she left for Lancaster Gate Underground to join her inside and buy a ticket to Arnos Grove nearest station to where she lived. The tube train was packed as we boarded so had to stand till we reached Finsbury Park, but by the time we were at Wood Green we had the carriage all to ourselves with Sarah almost sitting in my lap. A walk through Arnos Park occasioned a sto read Sex Story
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  9. Married Slut for Black Cock

    11/27/2023: But just so you know a little bit more about me lets just say I am around 40-something, I am 5-6" tall with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Being a wife and mother I don't get chance to go to a gym but being generally active and on my feet in work helps me to stay a slim size 10. I guess the main reason for putting my story down in words is to come clean to my husband. You see several months ago I was trying to find some old photos of our son on our computer and did a general search of the hard drive as I wasn't sure which folder they were in. Lets just say that some of the result read Sex Story
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  10. Just another crazy day in 2020

    11/27/2023: It was the end of November, and Andie was worn out. Surely 2020 couldn’t throw any more shit her way. It had been a horrid year with Covid 19 wreaking havoc around the world, but she had had some personal tragedies which all but drained her. Her brother w read Sex Story
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