1. Inaugural Balls

    4/11/2024: Time: Somewhere in the future. Place: Washington, D.C. To be more precise, the grand ballroom of the White House. She was celebrating a historic occasion. The glass ceiling had finally been shattered. A woman had been elected President. It was 3 A.M. and read Sex Story
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  2. When Emma Met Angie

    4/11/2024: Emma Do you ever find yourself reflecting on certain events and the decisions you have made in your past that have shaped your life, perhaps for the better, or maybe for the worse? I do. And I try to imagine what my life would be like today, if that had n read Sex Story
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  3. Night of the Cuck, Day of the Bi - Tom Visits the Robinsons

    4/11/2024: A lot had happened that summer weekend. Ann Robinson had successfully seduced her daughter’s boyfriend, Dave. In doing so, she had enjoyed marathon sex sessions with him that were only ended in order to make time for her next lover, Tony. And Tony was an read Sex Story
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  4. Coming Home

    4/8/2024: Why hello, baby! So, you did wait up for me after all! You kept your promise. I really didn’t know whether you would or not. Just wait! Wait for me to get in! Let me shut the door and put my bag down first. Just wait. Keep your hands to yourself. Hands of read Sex Story
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  5. Tinder for Teacher 4

    4/8/2024: The school bell rings and I walk down the hall and into Mr. Jacobsen’s classroom. I drop my backpack by the door and waltz right over to his desk. I flip my skirt up and lie back, my head hanging over the edge. Mr. Jacobsen drops his pants and plunges his cock into me. I watch upside down as everyone walking by his classroom realizes what’s happening in here. Out of the crowd, Dylan walks into the read Sex Story
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    4/7/2024: “This is one of my favourites, very erotic. Would you like to share me like that, she is around our age,” Sarah asked with a sexy smile as we both admired the painting. A most attractive woman, naked apart from her heels was standing, legs spread as a naked man was licking her cunt lips while another man was tongue kissing her. For both men, no hand contact with the woman, only their read Sex Story
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  7. Games Night With The Neighbors (Part One)

    4/5/2024: This is an event that took place a few months ago involving me, my girlfriend Leah, and our two neighbors, Kayley and Josh. This is all true, and I have plenty of other stories coming up that involve me and my girlfriend and our adventures. A little bit a read Sex Story
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  8. Teasing my Coworkers pt.3

    4/4/2024: Once they pulled up to the club, Mary started to feel exceedingly nervous... it wasn't bad, she wasn't being forced to do anything she didn't want to do... the nervousness just added to the excitement. Bradley could see it on her face though, and said "do you want to take a couple quick shots to calm your nerves?". They had already had some drinks with dinner, but Mary just giggled as she said read Sex Story
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    4/1/2024: “Our friends Peter and Pam used to be active participants of polyamory, however, they have a problem. “He is recovering from prostate surgery and wants to resume his sex life. His lady says he will need lots of stimulation to get started again. She has invited us to their condo to help stimulate his sex life next Sunday afternoon. Is that fine with you baby?,” Sarah asks with a huge read Sex Story
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  10. Lisa 3

    3/31/2024: "I'm telling you mate, that blonde bitch is crying out for a good shagging, under those conservative clothes lies one hot piece of arse. Just look at her husband, he's old enough to be her father; he certainly isn't capable of giving her one. She obviously only married him for his money. No he's useless, we could all screw her and she would still be begging for more." I quickly realised that read Sex Story
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