1. Real Friendship is Found

    4/13/2024: This is going to be a follow up essay to my prior post, "A Trip to a Crowded Bar" The thing you need to know is that I am a submissive to a male master and I will be talking about Diane who is a female submissive to a female mistress. Prior to a recent event that both of us attended we had only seen each other and never spoken. The recent event is where we both had our asses totally worked over read Sex Story
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  2. The Older Woman - Part 1: The Service Call

    4/11/2024: This story is entirely true. Back in the early nineties, I was working as a repairman for a large furniture company. The furniture was total shit, so it often got damaged when the delivery guys were hauling it from the warehouse to the buyer’s home. Every read Sex Story
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    4/9/2024: “If you arrive on the Sunday you can meet my new man before he leaves on the Monday and we can have the rest of the week together by ourselves. Our house is in a country area around an hours pleasant from the city.” We are old friends and very comfortable in each other’s company with similar tastes, especially when it involves men. I am a size 12-14 honey blond, still with a very good hourglass read Sex Story
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  4. Caught With My Pants Down By Daddy (3)

    4/9/2024: It was a boring day at school and the closer it got to hometime the less I could concentrate on anything the teacher was trying to educate me. My mind was already at home, laying on my bed reliveing some tension. I had already had an orgasm that morning but it wasn't enough! As soon as the bell rang, I ditched my friends and ran home hoping for a good tongue fucking from my beloved dog Benji but I read Sex Story
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  5. MaryAnn Part Two

    4/8/2024: This is part two of three of a series about a friend MaryAnn who stayed with my soon-to-be ex-girlfriend and me, after separating from her husband. My ex-girlfriend was going out of state for her mother's birthday for a few days. Two days, three nights al read Sex Story
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    4/7/2024: “This is one of my favourites, very erotic. Would you like to share me like that, she is around our age,” Sarah asked with a sexy smile as we both admired the painting. A most attractive woman, naked apart from her heels was standing, legs spread as a naked man was licking her cunt lips while another man was tongue kissing her. For both men, no hand contact with the woman, only their read Sex Story
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    4/7/2024: Both had an vivid and profound interest in sexual variations and they often enjoyed discussing what if situations, involving a third person, none of which ever eventuated or was even remotely referred to outside their bedroom. Carmen was considered by Ron to be a voluptuous size 14, with long well formed legs, with generous ham thighs which was a turn on for him. Her crowning glory as far as read Sex Story
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  8. I wish I had said yes

    4/7/2024: I had a cousin that was acting a little strange. I went to her house one day, and she was waiting for someone to drop off lunch she ordered. She made the call, then went into her bathroom. It was a little frustrating because I had to pee really badly. Anyway, I'd say a little more than 5 minutes later, someone honked the horn out front. She burst out of the bathroom while zipping up her pants. I read Sex Story
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  9. A Mother's Seduction -- Con't

    4/6/2024: I didn’t see mom again until dinner time. She was quiet, a bit preoccupied I guess; enough so that Dad asked her if everything was all right. “Yeah, fine.” She tells him as she moves the food around on her plate with her fork. “I have a report I have to finish by Monday, that’s all. I can’t seem to get it out of my head.” She shot a quick glance in my direction. A snotty glance. We sat and ate; my read Sex Story
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  10. Chapter nine: adventures with Christy

    4/6/2024: Junior year in high school.... Well as you all learned in previous chapter I was forced by Jackie Grandma to break up with long time Fiancée Jackie after she learned that Jackie and I had made love in back seat of my vehicle and our plans to make love once again after homecoming. So that left me one without a Girlfriend and second without an guaranteed date for my first ever homecoming. I read Sex Story
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