1. My night in the woods!

    2/4/2024: The day started out as any other day. business as usual, and afterwards I was to go to a birthday party for my neighbour in the vicinity with my wife. So I went, we had a decent enough time with free drinks, and around 10:30 my wife said she wanted to go home because she was tired. I drove her home and returned to the party. The evening went along well, and around midnight the party came to read Sex Story
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  2. Comforting Cousin Claire

    2/4/2024: As I relaxed on the train journey, staring out of the window at the passing scenery, I let my mind wander to thoughts of the very person I was off to see: My cousin Claire. She and I had been very close for years, and she was now in her first year at university, I in my second. We’d obviously known each other for a very long time, but it was in the past few years that we’d become much, much read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Consensual Sex First Time Fisting, Incest / Taboo Author: PayasYouCum, Source: sexstories.com
  3. Denise Part 1

    2/2/2024: Denise was a woman who really knew how to stand out. She was stunningly beautiful. 5’ 6 inches tall, black, with huge almond shaped eyes that always seemed to look suggestive, a full mouth and a beautiful smile. She also had an extremely curvaceous figure created by the combination of a big round bottom, massive 36EE breasts and a tiny waist that were shown off perfectly by the short sleeve top read Sex Story
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  4. Zanu PF Fuckpig Pt 2_(3)

    1/31/2024: Fuckpig lay on her back watching a buzzard circling as Rinkla Bezumu fucked her, she liked the little hillock by the old Tennis Court at the former Country Club, now local ZANU PF headquarters, because she could watch what went on and it was near to the kennel where she lived and the kitchens where she stole her food. Her fingerless hands had healed now, and the skin on her stumps where they read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories BDSM Bestiality, Body Modification, Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: PieterM, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Me and the 'Family' part 3 The Holiday

    1/31/2024: We had decided about 6 months ago that our family would take a UK based holiday this year and Gemma, kays older sister by 2 years would join us with her family. Just a little resort by the southern coast which we could stay in a log cabin together. Made sense saving money and give the girls people to play with. So we all met up at the train station and packed all of our luggage away and got down read Sex Story
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  6. Mark and I first time

    1/30/2024: If you haven't read my first two stories I recommend you read those first and leave a comment at the end. It was the last day of 8th grade year. Mark had asked me out to dinner and a movie that night i said sure on the bus ride home Mark sat next to me on the bus and we held each other hand we also kissed a few times. As the bus stoped at our stop Mark walked me to my house as we got to my read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Pregnant, Teen First Time Written by Women Author: Milfslut, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Stripped Naked in Open by another Group

    1/29/2024: When I was in Jr High there were certain traditions of ragging or hazing new students of the year. This was basically to increase confidence at a young age; though sometimes anyone used to get ragged or hazed and most times it was quite humiliating. Despite complaints; the school administration never took serious note of theses traditions and it continued in every school. There were groups of read Sex Story
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  8. Party-Four

    1/28/2024: This story should be part of my 'Archives Of A Pretentious Playboy' series - actual experiences from my misspent youth. But as the first two stories got such poor reader numbers, I'm guessing the title may be too pretentious and put people off reading. Th read Sex Story
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  9. My Philippines Vacation 3

    1/28/2024: My summer is going amazing and thanks to my newfound friends. Even though my parents saw that I am enjoying this vacation but not my siblings, my sister really wants to check out the Kawasan Falls and have a day trip there. My dad and mom did not object and we planned in 2 days to visit the amazing Falls. My brother asked if he could bring along his friend and my mom smiled and nodded. I really read Sex Story
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  10. My stepsister Lisa

    1/28/2024: We used to swim in the pool and she loved it when I would throw her up out of the water by placing my hands on her ass under the water and lifting her up fast. When I was under the water I would admire her nice firm ass,of course my hands started to wander and I felt her pussy a few times without her minding or mentioning it. She was of normal build with longish blonde hair,blue read Sex Story
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