1. creating a cuck

    1/27/2024: (True story) So recently my wife found a new Bull. She’d started out envisioning our standard cuckold situation with him—she’d be fawned over, the Bull would fuck her for hours while I watched or played a partial role in helping them out when asked, and them at the end I’d get permission to jerk off. But a couple weeks after we met, our new Bull reached out to me on social media and started read Sex Story
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  2. My daughter Taylor Pt.2

    1/26/2024: My name is David and my wife’s name is Karen. We have been married for a little over thirty years. We have two children; Jason 31 and Taylor 29. For the last 8 years we have been “empty nesters”. In part one of this story, I told you about how I lured my daughter Taylor into my bed. Our daughter Taylor decided to divorce her husband of 6 years and to move back in with us until the divorce is read Sex Story
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  3. The Things We Do at Home - part 1

    1/26/2024: I would like to start by thanking Jess for reaching out and sharing her story with me. I took the liberty of filling in some blanks as I saw fit, and maybe exaggerating slightly here and there, but believe I kept true to her story. All names and details described were given to me by Jessica, and I am already working hard on the next installment based on her story and ongoing updates I am read Sex Story
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  4. Vicki Tries a New Cock (3)

    1/26/2024: The state baseball tournament was over and the team had won the championship game. Most parents and players decided to make the long drive back home even though it was late in the day. Vicki had volunteered to help the coaches and stayed to wrap things up. Coach Greg was the head coach. He was very appreciative of all of Vicki's work and also had a little crush on her. He decided to "thank" her read Sex Story
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  5. PE class #2

    1/25/2024: The next week was my next lesson and I couldn't wait. I took my time entering the changing room, hoping to catch the girls. I didn't wear my swimming shorts under my uniform hoping to be seen. As I walked into the changing room my mouth dropped and my penis hardened as stood before me were nine completely naked girls, who made no effort to cover up. They all stood there, naked, watching read Sex Story
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  6. 05] Hot and Hard._(1)

    1/24/2024: This is a true story. And while complete in itself readers are advised to read the 3 preceding parts to better understand the whole situation. Those offended by mature/young gay sex are advised not to read this. Hot and Hard. The Saga of Ajay and Raja Concludes. Part 4. They would often strip me naked and both still full dressed, would kneel in front of me, with mouths open. I would let read Sex Story
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  7. How Could I Refuse

    1/22/2024: My sister had two expensive tickets for a private bus tour through Southern California. It was the romantic kind of tour where couples would be taken from destination to destination on a large bus. And suddenly I was being pressured to go with her. Plans changed when Christine discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. He begged for forgiveness, saying the secret relationship read Sex Story
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  8. Passport Control

    1/22/2024: We are a British couple in our mid-fifties. During our 30+ years of marriage we have travelled to most European countries so when we were planning our latest trip my wife, Valerie, suggested that we try somewhere more exotic. After looking at lots of options she finally made up her mind on Central America. We decided to stay for a week in each of three small countries (I won't say which ones as we read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Anal Cuckold BDSM Mature / Older Non-consensual Sex Author: HapyCuck, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Never the Same Ch. 01

    1/19/2024: This is the first chapter of a multi-part story spanning years, detailing how an unexpected encounter completely changed the coarse of my life. Up until meeting Danielle, my sex life had been pretty pedestrian. It wasn’t that I didn’t land my fair share of girls before her, I had a reasonably active dating and sex life, it was just that it was all so, well, normal . I am a fairly read Sex Story
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  10. For "A"

    1/18/2024: For “A” Perhaps I should explain. This is a real life, up to the minute account involving real people who, through many reasons, would be vulnerable in both their professional and personal lives if too many details were to be made public. I am sure you, the reader, will forgive the lack of names or accurate location details. Those that know me well will probably recognise certain aspects and read Sex Story
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