1. Sylvia and Judy have an afternoon with two older m

    12/1/2023: Making love with Judy Judy `Chavez``was my dearest friend and lover when I was in high schoo in North Hollywood. She was from Panama. She was fat and wore thick glasses..She was only fifteen when we met, but she was so wise about sex in a lot of ways, while I was still a c***d, I didn't have the body of a c***d, but emotionally......Judy was kind of on a different level ......In high school, no boy would look at her, but like she said, "There are a lot of dicks hangin' between guys legs here in this big city, why mess with high school?" "She was the first girl I was ever with who .........wha read Sex Story
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  2. Wife learns that many BBC heads are better than on

    11/30/2023: “I can’t believe you were doing that! What in the fuck were you thinking?” I was standing in the front yard screaming at my boyfriend, Rob. We were at a party with his basketball buddies, at the house of one of the guys. We had been out on the patio by the pool having drinks and talking; having a really nice time. Rob had excused himself to use the restroom, but when he hadn’t returned after 15 minutes I started to worry, so I went to check. That’s when I walked into the master bedroom and found Rob kissing Suzanne, one of the girls that was always hanging around the team. I stormed out to th read Sex Story
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    11/30/2023: BLAME IT ON JAMES BROWN Note to reader: This story has a slow build, so if you are looking for a quickie you want to read another and come back later. Thanks. September 1975, Denver Daniel had a big decision to make. And he had to make it soon. He was sitting in a lecture hall, lost in a daydream while waiting for the professor to arrive so class could begin. Daniel was beginning his read Sex Story
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  4. Black Plumber is Satisfied by Cock Hungry Whites

    11/29/2023: My name is Caleb, and I’m now fifty-one years old and living in a middle-class suburb of Biloxi, Mississippi with my wife, Jordan. We’re an African American couple, and I work as a master plumber for a black-owned plumbing company in the area, while Jorda read Sex Story
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    11/28/2023: ANY ONE WHO R INTERESTED TO FUCK MY WIFE CONTACT MY FB I first realized that I liked sharing my wife, when she told me about how she used to get groped in buses before our marriage. My cock grew rock hard as I listened to her talk about how men massaged her flesh, squeezed and fondled, and sometimes pinched her. I imagined her standing in a crowded bus surrounded by horny men, trying their best to extract pleasure from her body by rubbing themselves against her read Sex Story
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  6. The Wedding Pt. 02

    11/27/2023: The Wedding, Part 02 “Awwwwwww, SHIT!!!!!!” It was Kevon. He and the rest of the fellas, including Terry and Jennie, were milling about in the hotel lobby when I returned from my encounter with Lisa in the conference room. I tried to put on a brave face read Sex Story
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  7. After The Train Encounter

    11/27/2023: It was now eight days since mid-thirties Mark Hogan had had his train encounter with fifty-eight-year-old Marsha. Mark did not know her surname, and Mark was wanting to see her again. Marsha had given Mark her phone number after the pair had fucked, inclu read Sex Story
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  8. Married Slut for Black Cock

    11/27/2023: But just so you know a little bit more about me lets just say I am around 40-something, I am 5-6" tall with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Being a wife and mother I don't get chance to go to a gym but being generally active and on my feet in work helps me to stay a slim size 10. I guess the main reason for putting my story down in words is to come clean to my husband. You see several months ago I was trying to find some old photos of our son on our computer and did a general search of the hard drive as I wasn't sure which folder they were in. Lets just say that some of the result read Sex Story
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  9. Rutwell College Chronicles: Ch. 03

    11/25/2023: Authors note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events are purely coincidental. Thanks as always to my Editor Henry and to Vlad for his translations. Rutwell College Chronicles: A little off the top Introduction: Welcome to Rutwell read Sex Story
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  10. Random Building Maid

    11/25/2023: The star of this story was spotted by me nearly 6 years back in my society. First time I saw her I did not get a good glimpse of her. But the next time I saw her I fell flat for her. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The only way I realized that she was a helper in the society was due to her shabby clothes and torn blouse. She wa read Sex Story
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